Training opportunities

    Training opportunities

    Are you a medical student, junior doctor or hospital medical officer who is considering your training options? We can help you find a pathway to train as a specialist or General Practitioner (GP) in northern Queensland. 

    Why train in northern Queensland? 

    Northern Queensland offers doctors an adventurous and rewarding career with plenty of opportunities for specialty and GP training. 

    6 reasons why you should train in northern Queensland

    With a shortage of GPs and specialists in northern Queensland, the region’s healthcare needs are underserved. Improve the health of rural and remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

    Challenge yourself with clinical diversity and exposure to a wide range of medical scenarios early in the training continuum.

    Have all the support you need when training in northern Queensland. With direct supervision on a daily basis from passionate and dedicated supervisors. Connect with the community who will also support you along the way.

    Northern Queensland offers an experience in a culturally enriching environment. Doctors have the opportunity to adventure into specialty training and a chance to immerse yourself in different cultures, whilst helping close the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

    Access to rural and remote postgraduate training opportunities not found in other parts of the state. Learn and train within multi-disciplinary teams.

    Discover vivid and diverse landscapes in northern Queensland. Train in some truly unique and amazing parts of Australia. From beaches, mountains, spectacular rainforests, rich farmland, to wide savannah country, wilderness and the red soil of the Australian outback. Our areas of focus ensure trainees have access to a wide range of hospital and health settings, of varying sizes and capabilities.


    "The big advantages of doing your training regionally is you’ll get broader experience, you’ll get more opportunity to do things, and you’ll be expected to be more independent, which is a good thing."
    - Ben Parkinson, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Cairns 



    “I think all the rural and remote health services in Queensland offer a job, a lifestyle, and a beautiful location. Queensland has such a great range of climates and landscapes and as doctors, we have the option to not only visit, but live and work and become part of those communities.”
    - Dr Marlow Coates, Rural Generalist, Fellow of ACRRM, and  Director of Medical Services for Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service


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    DISCLAIMER: The information included above is an estimate only as of April 2019. Please contact the relevant health service for updated information about opportunities.