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Career Planning

Career Planning

Do you need help preparing for your next medical career move? We've got you covered! Plan Your Next Medical Career Move With NQRTH. Connecting Interns, Students, & Doctors with Training, NQRTH Are Here to Make Career Planning a Breeze.

Career Planning

A curriculum vitae and cover letter are essential documents for medical students and doctors in training seeking employment. Each application you do to a public or private hospital will require submitting these documents. Then you will need to prepare for your interview. Check out all the free career planning resources available for you through this medical career planning section.

Whether it’s as an intern or a senior medical officer, if you are applying for a role in the medical profession, you need to put your best foot forward.

Applying for doctors in training positions is competitive, so your CV could separate you from the crowd. Furthermore, it might be a standout cover letter or your superior interviewing skills that assist you in being successful.

To help you in the application process, we have compiled a series of videos and resources which provide advice and assistance from medical career planning expert Dr Ashe Coxon. Dr Coxon is a Townsville-based General Practitioner and career counsellor with a Masters in Clinical Education. As one of the leading experts in medical career planning, she loves helping doctors and medical students find their 'why' and assisting them to create fulfilling careers.

Queensland Health Resources for Medical Career Planning

  • Requirements to practise: Process and procedures for medical practitioners to register to work for Queensland Health.
  • Clinical career structure: Medical staff and practitioners looking for a new direction in their career can explore the different opportunities available.
  • Medical training opportunities: A wide range of educational and clinical training is provided to support doctors wanting to continue their professional development or medical education.
  • Medical recruitment - salary: Attractive remuneration packages are provided for medical practitioners. Find information on related policies and wage rates.


Our webinars are an excellent resource for career decision making and exploring training options.

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