Making a difference to the health of communities in northern Queensland

The health needs of communities in rural, regional and remote areas of northern Queensland are currently underserved. As part of an Australian Government Initiative, we aim to address these shortages of GPs and specialists through having an integrated pipeline of medical training across the training continuum that provides a high quality, self-sustaining medical workforce that is responsive to the health needs of northern Queensland.  Find out more about how we are making a difference.

Supporting medical training from intern to fellow in northern Queensland 

Are you a medical student, junior doctor or hospital medical officer who is considering your training options? We can help you find a way to train as a GP or specialist in regional Queensland. There are plenty of opportunities available to train in northern Queensland from intern to registrar.

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1,378 training opportunities for doctors, from intern to registrar

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A vivid and diverse mix of people and landscapes

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DISCLAIMER: The information included above is an estimate only as of April 2019. Please contact the relevant health service for updated information about opportunities.