Renal Medicine / Nephrology

    Entry Requirements

    • Have completed the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Basic Training (including written and clinical exams)
    • Hold a current medical registration
    • Have an appointment to an appropriate Advanced Training position
    • Refer to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians for further information in relation to selection into the training program

    Total Training Time

    6 years (full-time)

    Basic Adult Medicine: 36 months (full-time)

    • 24 months (full-time) core training
    • Maximum of 12 months non-core training

    Advanced Training: 36 months (full-time) core training

    How to apply for a specialist training position in Renal Medicine / Nephrology

    Applications will first need to complete Basic Physician training and can apply through the Queensland Basic Physician Training (Adult Medicine Network).

     Queensland Basic Physician Training Network (Adult Medicine)

    The Queensland Basic Physician Training (Adult Medicine) Network is a statewide network designed to support Queensland Trainees over the 3-year course of basic training.

    Queensland Health is responsible for and oversees the Queensland Basic Training (Adult Medicine) network. In Queensland, approval of basic training is limited to medical officers that have been formally selected into one of the 5 Training networks. In order to be eligible for a network position prior to commencement of training, applicants must hold general registration with AHPRA, be eligible for registration with RACP as a basic physician trainee and have a minimum of 20 weeks experience in general medicine or medical specialties further outlined here.

    Advanced training positions in Nephrology are managed centrally through the Queensland Advanced Training in Nephrology Pathway. New and current trainee applicants apply via the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) Campaign.

    Get your guide to help map your Renal Medicine / Nephrology training pathway in northern Queensland:


    Find out more about Queensland-specific workforce demographics and specialty information.

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