Pathology Training

Entry Requirements

Total Training Time

5 years (full-time)

How to apply for a specialist training position in Pathology Training

Appointments to Queensland Pathology Training Program are coordinated by the Medical Support Unit, Pathology Queensland in conjunction with Pathology Queensland's State Directors and Coordinators of Education and Training.    

In the Queensland Health Resident Medical Officer (RMO) Application, Step 10 Preferences Section, applicants must complete their first preference as Specialty: Pathology and first preferenced Sub-Specialty as General Pathology. For all other subspecialties (Anatomical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Genetic Pathology, Immunopathology and Microbiology) please select one of these as the first preferenced sub-specialty. Positions for each of the Pathology subspecialties will also be advertised on the RCPA website.                    

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