Hyperbaric Medicine Training

    Entry Requirements

    Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthesists (ANZCA) Diploma of Advancing Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine is a post-specialisation qualification in Australia and New Zealand.

    Entry requirements:

    Secured a training appointment in an accredited unit and either of the following:

    • A specialist qualification deemed acceptable to the College
    • Completed at least 104 weeks full-time equivalent training towards such a qualification (in which case a certificate of completion of training requirements is conferred when Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (DHM) training requirements are completed. The DHM diploma is only awarded on completion of the specialist qualification).
    • Refer to the  Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) for further information on selection and/or eligibility. 

    Total Training Time

    44 Weeks Clinical Experience

    Award of the diploma requires completion of DHM training requirements and declaration of fitness to practice.

    The Diploma does not lead to specialist registration in DHM (not possible anywhere in the world), it's the only type of qualification in Australia.

    How to apply for a specialist training position in Hyperbaric Medicine Training

    The College does not appoint trainees to accredited units. The appointment is undertaken by the employer. Prospective trainees should approach accredited units to inquire about the availability of training positions.

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