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Q&A - Episode 1: Intern Information Session

Q&A - Episode 1: Intern Information Session

Q&A - Episode 1: Intern Information Session

We've compiled a list of questions and answers from the Intern Information Session webinar held on 2 May 2023. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact our team. 
  1. Q:  If you are an IMG, who would like to apply for an intern position, what are the specific requirements for us, especially in relation to AMC Part 1 and AMC Part 2? would AMC part 1 be sufficient enough to apply for an internship and would the internship program support and assess you for AMC part 2?
    A: You can apply with either AMC MCQ, or AMC Cert - Applicant Group D. 
  2. Q: Do P3 candidates outside Australia need to upload the passport alone given that we do not have a VISA? 

    A: Yes you can still upload your passport alone and indicate that you are applying/have applied for a visa.

  3. Q: For the Vaccine Preventable Diseases form, must it be verified by a GP? If yes, will GPs from any clinic suffice? 
    A: If you already have copies  of acceptable forms of evidence you may use the VPD form, if you need a verification, please ask a medical practitioner, registered nurse or occupational health provider to fill in the VPD evidence certification form on your behalfMore information can be found here. 
  4. Q: I am an Indian but did my medical degree in The Philippines. Australia doesn't consider last year internship as internship here as it was included in 4 year program. So I have to start as an intern or JMO supervised. Am I eligible for this internship? Which group will I be in among those 4? Also, I don't have ahpra no. yet. Once I get a job, I can apply for provisional pathway. 
    A: If you have completed an internship elsewhere you are not eligible to apply to the campaign but you can apply to the RMO campaign. 

  5. Q: I am an Australian citizen and international medical graduate. I completed my MBBS in 2019, recently cleared amc mcq exam and book for clinicals on 28 June. What’s criteria for me to get internship? I am happy to go for any hospital.
    A: If you have not completed your intern year overseas you would be classified as a Group D. You would follow the intern application process, and indicate in the application that you have completed your AMC MCQ Exam. 
  6. Q: The intern application guide mentions Rule 1 and Rule 2 for applying for Special Consideration. Is Rule 2 (i.e. being from a regional/rural location and wishing to live and work in the region long term) still considered an acceptable reason to apply for Special Consideration? 
    A: Yes Rule 2 is still considered an acceptable reason to apply for Special Consideration. 

  7. Q: Can you apply for special consideration for an individual regional hospital and provide evidence for wanting to work in that region for an extended period of time. On the QLD intern application guide it says we can apply for special consideration if we want to remain in a regional centre for a long time to complete our training? Is that still true? 
    A: Yes that is correct for individual regional hospitals. 

  8. Q: I'm a Canadian student from an Australian med school. If we have used vaccination forms completed by GPs from Canada for uni paperwork, would that still be considered as valid proof of vaccination, even if the VPD form specifically was not used. 
    A: You can use this for the application if you are overseas. If you are in Australia you will need to obtain VPD certification from an Australian GP/health practitioner. 
  9. Q: internship completed from overseas already few years before is eligible? 

    A: If you have completed your intern year overseas unfortunately you are ineligible to complete an intern year in QLD. You could apply for the RMO campaign. 

  10. Q: Any chance I can get internship under group D? 
    A: Group D is a merit selection from the hospitals, so it would be based on the information you submit, as well as vacancies within the state. 

  11. Q: Almost similar question to the one above; I’m an Australian citizen as well (completed high school in Perth) and I graduated from med school last year but did my course overseas. I haven’t been able to do my internship in that country because of a language requirement setback and I’m hoping I would be able to apply for an internship in Australia. would this be possible with just the AMC MCQ or would I need to have part 2 done as well? thanks heaps in advance.
    A: You are able to apply with the AMC MCQ as Group DC for an internship year in Australia. 

  12. Q: Does the evidence for applying to Rule 2 of special consideration just include the statutory declaration? 
    A: Yes that is correct. Refer to the Application Guide for further information found here.

  13. Q: Can you tell me what information exactly I had to upload in order to maximise chance of getting internship and also what's vacancy status in states? 

    A: Please refer to the Applicant Guide (document section) to see what type of documents are required. You can also use the free text sections in the application to discuss why you want to work in Queensland. You can also talk to the hospitals directly to show your interest.  I cannot respond to the position of other states. 

  14. Q: For the vaccine preventable form, are we allowed to upload our immunisation record (from myhealthrecord) as evidence for each vaccine? 
    A: Yes - there is a choice of 2 forms to use - pick the one relevant to your situation. 

  15. Q: I am a Malaysian student studying in Monash Malaysia. We too had to complete an immunisation checklist prior to the start of our year which have all the necessary vaccine requirements. Do we submit our university vaccine compliance form or the VPD?  
    A: There are two VPD forms you can fill out just one (choose just one that suits you). I was also a Monash Malaysian student. You can use the dates stated on the university vaccine compliance form to fill that out. There's 2 VPD forms as Shane mentioned so there's one that allows you to fill out the dates that you've had the vaccines.  

  16. Q: Is there a sample of the report referees will be sent to fill out for group B-D applicants? 
    A: No there isn't sorry. 

  17. Q: How do I get VPD evidence and QH form?  
    A: Please find the forms here

  18. Q: With the new 2yr internship, do we sign a 2-yr contract to the QLD hospital we are assigned? Are we able to move hospitals after 1yr of internship? 
    A: Most internships are only 1 year. I would recommend getting in contact with the individual hospitals regarding this. 

  19. Q: As a group B applicant did you have to provide additional documentation and did you have interviews? Any tips for applying as a group B applicant? 
    A: HHSs will review your resume, application, referees. Feel free to contact the hospitals directly to show your interest. 

  20. Q: I would like to know about WBA program. Is it a different to intern application? 
    A: Please contact AMC directly regarding this, as it is different to the intern application. Read more information here.

  21.  Q: I am Indian. have already completed MBBS and 1 yr of my internship in China in 2011. I’m not registered as a doctor in India. I recently passed AMC 1 and OET. Can I apply for internship here in Australia? 

    A: Unfortunately, if you have already completed your internship overseas, you are unable to apply for an internship in QLD. You may be applicable for the RMO campaign which has more information here. 

  22. Q: I have already taken exam date for AMC 2 as well so I would like to ask what are my chances to get job after amc 2 if I don’t have recency of practice? 
    A: It all depends on the hospital - please feel free to contact them directly to enquire. Details are on the intern recruitment website. 

  23. Q: Of the hospitals represented here tonight, are there any that do not give consideration to couples applying together? Additionally, if couples apply together, where in the application process should we mention our partners and their application? 
    A: The Joint Ticket process for Group As is managed by the Department (and not the hospitals). 

  24. Q: Will group B-D applicants have to do interviews? 
    A: Yes, most likely. 

  25. Q: Does Hervey Bay offer 1 year contracts? 
    A: We offer 2 year contracts to give you job security when planning a move to us, if you wish, you can resign after 1 year. 

  26. Q: What rotations are available for interns at Rockhampton? 
    A:  ED, Cardiology, General Surgery, Urology, General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Oncology, Rehabilitation, Haematology, Orthopaedics B30, Paediatrics, ENT, Rural Hospitals (Emerald Theodore etc) and Psychiatry. 

  27. Q: I was just wondering if you could please explain the protocols with the new 2 year internship? Will there be possibility to move hospitals after one year? 

  28. A: Yes it is possible.

  29. Q: Another question about Hervey Bay, can you provide more information about funds to support relocating? 
    A: We offer $5000 towards relocation expenses. We can provide more information about this if you email us.  

  30. Q: I am an Australian Citizen studying medicine outside Australia from AMC recognised university; what are my chances of securing an internship with Queensland Health?  
    It all depends on the number of places after Group A have accepted or rejected their offers with QLD Health. 

  31. Q: Is there any possibility to do a rural term outside of your hospital health service? 
    A: Cairns and Hinterland can offer rural and remote terms up to Torres and Cape. 

  32. Q: Would group C application be considered in Cairns? Or is it usually over prescribed? 
    A: It is likely that we will be able to consider Group C applications. Best to get in touch with the team 

  33. Q: At THHS is there any opportunity to do a rural term other than the 4 you normally accommodate? 
    A: Typically, it’s the 4 we are accredited for but there are other rural terms available from PGY2 onwards. 

  34. Q: I wanted to find out about the 4% that was related to international graduates. Were these international graduates the ones graduated in Australia, or internationally, or both?  
    A: International medical graduates refers to people who have graduated internationally. International Students who study and graduate in Australia are referred to as international fee paying students. 

  35. Q: When should we expect to know further details about start dates/rotation preferences etc. after we have accepted an offer? 
    A: Yes once you receive an offer and you accept this offer then the relevant hospital will be correspond with you regarding start dates and rotation preferences. 

  36. Q: Is it appropriate for group C applicants to email the hospitals directly for introductions, questions, etc? 
    A: Yes I would encourage you to. 

  37. Q: Can I just double check that I understand correctly regarding the ballot process: If your first preference is oversubscribed and you are selected through the ballot process, you’re placed in your highest undersubscribed preference? So your most important preferences are your first preference and the first undersubscribed preference? 
    A: That is correct. Further information can be found here.

  38. Q: I was wondering who to contact and their email for Townsville? 


  39. Q: Where is the best place to find the appropriate contact details? 
    A: Please find contact details here. 

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