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FAQs: RMO and Registrar Information Session

FAQs: RMO and Registrar Information Session

FAQs: RMO and Registrar Information Session

Webinar 3 RMO Information Session

Can all your referees be from overseas?

Your referees should be your most recent supervisors so if they are overseas then yes, you can include these referees.

Does your referee need to be a doctor you are currently working under? Or can it be a consultant you have worked with as a medical student or for research?

At least one of your referees should be your most recent supervisor.

Do we have to redo the reference forms if we did it in last year's campaign and the referees are the same?

Yes, you will have to redo the reports.

Do your referees have to be doctors?

Yes, as the questions are based on your practical abilities.

What if one of my referees fails to submit the form?

You can amend your application to include another referee.

I am an IMG who is eligible for limited registration with AHPRA. Do I need to hold AHPRA limited registration to be eligible to apply for the Queensland RMO campaign?

No, you do not have to have registration to apply.

How many years of recency is acceptable for an RMO position?

Typically within the past three years as per AHPRA guidelines.

Seeing as most visas need employer sponsorships, can we apply without a work visa?

Yes, you can.

Can I apply for an RMO position with an explained clinical gap?

Yes. There is a section in the RMO campaign where you can advise of any gaps and the reasons why (if you choose to disclose this)

Is it possible to select more than five preferences?

No. You can only preference 5 facilities. There are opportunities to re-preference.

Can I pick the same hospitals in the re-preferencing rounds?

Yes, you can re-preference to the same hospitals if they have available positions.

Are there rotational positions available for IMGs with limited registration with APHRA?

Yes, there are.

Is there any interview process and will you send the forms to my referees after being shortlisted?

Referee reports automatically initiated via the eRecruitment system when you submit your application.  . Most facilities will conduct interviews prior to making a formal offer.

If you don’t get your first preference, are you then considered by your second preference, or all other preferences?

If you are not selected by your first-preferenced facility, the facilities you’ve preference second to fifth will all then have the option to review your application.

Should an IMG have a visa or is it possible for the hospital to be a sponsor?

You can apply to the campaign with or without a visa. We suggest you contact the facilities directly to enquire about sponsored visas.

What is the difference between an RMO and a PHO?

PHOs are unaccredited Registrar positions.

 Can we apply to both RMO & PHO positions?

Yes – we recruit via the campaign to JHO, SHO, PHO and Registrar positions..

How can you strengthen your CV and application?

There is a Queensland Health template via the RMO campaign website. QH CV Template

Can an IMG who passes AMC apply for an RMO position?

Yes, they can.

 If an IMG’s top five preferences are highly competitive and they are not successful, can hospitals not on the preferences list consider the applicant?

Yes but not until the open round.

Does the open round mean that all other hospitals will have access to my application?

That is correct. There might be one or two re-preference rounds however if vacancies become available, any facility can contact you.

What does L2-L3 classification mean in RMO positions.

L2 - Junior House Officer or PGY2
L3 - Senior House Officer or PGY3

How will applications be shortlisted? Is it computer-based and should our CVS include certain keywords?

Hospitals/facilities will generally review applications, resumes and referee reports. It is not computer based.

When will we know whether we have been shortlisted?

Facilities only contact shortlisted applicants. You may also receive emails from the campaign to amend your preferences.

Can I change my referee after submitting my application?

Yes, you can amend your referees anytime throughout the campaign. If a referee has already submitted a report and you amend it, the report will be removed.

Does having an Australian permanent residency help in securing a job?

It is helpful, but your clinical experience and registration are essential when considering applications.

Is IELTS or other English language certificate needed at the application stage or later?

No, it's not required for the RMO campaign, 

How many RMO vacancies are available across Queensland?

All Queensland Health facilities have vacancies so there are a lot of positions available. We recruit up to 6,000 positions on an annual basis via the campaign.

Is PTE/OET already required upon job application?

It will be required for Registration and Visa if this criteria applies to you, so it would be helpful to have your English language test completed and current.

Can you please clarify what is considered as ‘recency of practice’? Should this be as a doctor or can it be another clinical-oriented role?

Typically, this is within the past three years or at least three months of clinical practice. The more the better, and yes typically as a registered medical practitioner.

 Do we need to follow up on our applications if there is no feedback?

During the campaign, there will be various remaining vacancies and re-preference rounds. The campaign will email you during all these times if you don't hear from a facility. You are able to request feedback directly from the facilities.

How does the preferences system work?

Please refer to the campaign dates page

Will we be notified if there are any shortcomings in our applications?

Please note we receive up to 7,000 applications each year. Facilities will only contact you if you are shortlisted.

I am an IMG with AMC Part 01. I have 18 months of working experience in ICU. Can I apply for PGY2?

Yes, you can apply for JHO or SHO positions.

Do any hospitals offer public health terms for those interested in potentially dual training in clinical medicine and public health?

Townsville HHS doesn't have a public health term but they specifically have teaching involving public health as part of careers discussions and also facilitate mentorship which has a number of public health physicians involved. Please contact to find out more.

When contacting facilities, should we be requesting to speak to HR, or should it be the Clinical Director or someone else within the hospital?

Please speak to Medical recruitment teams

When does the RMO campaign open?

3 June and closes 1 July 2024.

Do I need to apply via the RMO Campaign to apply to GP Training?

No, you do not. Please refer to AGPT’s website which provides the information that you require:  AGPT GP Training Program

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