Intern Campaign Information Webinar 2022

    Intern Campaign Information Webinar 2022

    Want to know more about the upcoming 2022 Queensland Intern Recruitment Campaign?

    Learn about location preferencing, recruitment rounds and how to apply. Hear the latest news and recruitment information provided by the Queensland Health Intern Recruitment team. Meet the workforce departments in northern Queensland. Hear from current interns and junior doctors working in the local Hospital and Health Services as they share their experiences.

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    General questions

    Is the Queensland intern application process centralised or do we have to apply to each hospital individually?

    The 2022 Queensland Intern campaign is centralised for all groups. No, you don't have to apply individually to each hospital.

    Are there any application costs?

    There is no cost to apply for an intern position.

    Should we be contacting hospitals directly ahead of time?

    Yes, candidates should contact their top five hospitals to express an interest in working at their hospital and find out about what they are looking for in an intern. Contact details for the hospitals can be found on the intern recruitment campaign website.

    Is it best to use a personal or university email address?

    Please use your personal email address, but you can also use your university email address if you wish.

    Have there been any changes in the application process due to COVID-19?

    No, there have been no changes to the intern application process.

    Will receiving an offer from Queensland Health make me ineligible to receive other offers from interstate?

    No. You can accept a position in multiple states; however, if you do, you will be picked up in the national audit and asked to decide which offer you wish to take.

    Can you accept offers from two different states?

    Yes, you can. If you do, you will be picked up in the national audit and asked to advise which offer you will be taking.

    When is the national audit for offers?

    There are four national audit dates. The first is from Friday 30 July – Thursday 12 August. The second is from Friday 3 September – Thursday 16 September, the third is from Friday 8 October – Thursday 21 October, and the fourth is from Friday 19 November – Monday 29 November. No offers are made during the audit periods

    Who is eligible to be a witness for the criminal history check form?

    The witness must be able to verify the identity of the applicant and be aged 18 or over.

    What does the verification of the identity of the applicant mean?

    All identification documentation must be certified by either a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations, barrister, solicitor or notary of the public.

    Would you recommend providing more than two referees?

    The intern application form allows for only two referees.

    Do referees need to complete multiple forms for each state?

    Queensland requires referees to complete the referee form sent to them via email and complete the form via the email link. No verbal referees can be provided.

    Do referees have to be consultants?

    Referees do not have to be in a particular position. They must be able to comment on the dot points in the application guide, under the referee reports section.

    Is there a requirement that at least one of the referees is non-clinical?

    It's recommended to have two clinical referees. If this cannot be obtained, then one non-clinical referee should be fine as long as they can comment on the application guide's dot points.

    Can your referee be a doctor in an overseas hospital?

    Yes, you can provide an overseas doctor as your referee.

    When do you start the registration process with AHPRA?

    In 2020 AHPRA asked medical students to apply within three months of their expected course completion. For more information, visit the AHPRA website

    What is the vaccination requirement?

    All candidates will have to complete either the VPD evidence certification (to be completed by the applicant’s treating medical practitioner) or the VPD evidence form and attach it to your evidence.

    Is the Queensland Health CV template preferred?

    No. You can use your template if you wish and will not be disadvantaged.

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    Group A

    What is the ballot process?

    The ballot process is only for Group A candidates. After the Group A offers have been finalised, the position status report will be updated with the remaining vacancies.  Applicant Groups B-D will have the option to re-preference. Hospitals will commence their merit-based selection process after the live preferencing has occurred.

    If you are a Group A candidate in Queensland, would you get your offer earlier than an interstate offer?

    Yes, all Group A candidates in each state will receive an offer on Monday 12 July, which is the nationally aligned date.

    Who can apply for "Term 2" start?

    Only Group A candidates can apply for Term 2 start. However, if you cannot commence in January, please note this on your application and note the month you can commence.

    What does tentatively accept of an offer mean?

    This applies to Group A candidates only. If they do not receive their first preference, they can tentatively accept their offer and participate in the rollback process. For further details about the rollback process, please consult the application guide.

    Who can apply for a joint ticket?

    Joint tickets are for Group A candidates only.

    Are there disadvantages of joint ticket applications?

    Yes, there may be some disadvantages. If one of the joint ticket applicants is pulled at the ballot process, both will be sent together to the next available preference with two vacancies.

    Is there any option to swap or transfer with other interns?

    Swaps and transfers are available only to Group A candidates. Approval of swaps and transfers is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the hospitals. The individual hospitals make the deadline for swaps and transfers.

    Can you defer your intern year?

    Defer of intern year is available for applicant Group A only. Deferral approvals are not guaranteed, and documentary evidence of satisfactory grounds is required.  For further details, please consult the application guide.

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    Groups B to D

    If applicants from Groups B to D accept a Queensland Intern offer, can you defer or withdraw the offer?

    Defer of intern year is available for applicant Group A, only. Applicants in Groups B
    to D can withdraw the offer at any time. Queensland will not make another offer.

    Would I be expected to do an interview?

    Each hospital and health service has its meritorious selection processes, which typically involve an interview and referee checks. Please contact the hospitals directly to enquire about their methods.

    How do the hospitals determine allocation spots for applicants from
    outside Group A?

    After the applicants from Group A are allocated, applicants of Groups B, C and D have 48 hours to change their preferences to the remaining vacancies if they wish to. Queensland Health hospitals will then assess applications and conduct their own meritorious selection processes.  

    Are Groups B to D told which hospitals were undersubscribed before
    re-preference dates open?

    Applicants in Groups B to D will have the option to re-preference to the remaining vacancies from 5pm Friday 16 July – 5pm Sunday 18 July. The remaining vacancies will be updated on the position status report once live preferencing commences.

    Do the hospitals see the preference list for Groups B-D?

    Yes, the hospitals can see your application, including your preferences.

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    International students and International Medical Graduate

    Is there a list of hospitals to which international students could apply?

    The majority of international students are normally offered positions in Rockhampton, Townsville, and Mackay hospitals.

    What are the best options to put down as internship preferences for an international student?

    After the allocations of applicant Group A candidates, applicant Groups B-D will have the option to re-preference to the remaining vacancies if they wish to. After the re-preference round is complete, hospitals will assess Group B, C, and D applicants who first preferenced their hospital.

    Once this round of recruitment is complete, there is an open round where hospitals can assess applications that have not first preferenced their hospital.

    It is recommended Groups B, C and D contact hospitals to express an interest in working at their hospital and ask the hospital about their assessment process and what they look for in an intern.

    What is the best approach for international students graduating from a Queensland medical school?

    Contact the hospitals at which you are interested in doing your intern year, and ask about their assessment process and what they look for in an intern.

    Do I need to get an international criminal check (AHPRA requirement), or is the employment screening consent form enough?

    For your intern application, please complete the employment screening consent form. You can find this form on the intern application form. AHPRA will require an international criminal history check when you apply for registration. This is a separate process.

    When will VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) be required?

    Please upload the VEVO during the application period. If it's unavailable, please provide it as soon as possible.

    Is VEVO required for NZ citizens?

    VEVO is not required for NZ citizens

    What should I do if my birth certificate is in a different language?

    Please have it translated by an official translator and upload it to your application

    Is there an English requirement for international students?

    There are no English requirements for your intern application. However, when you apply for registration with AHPRA, they will require English language evidence.

    Is there a difference between Queensland international applicants and interstate international applicants?

    Each participating hospital and health service establishes individual assessment processes to merit selection from its available applicant pool and is not obligated to select through the applicant groups sequentially. To find out about each hospital and health service’s merit selection process and what they look for in an intern, please contact them directly.

    Can an international medical graduate be eligible for limited registration?

    Yes, if you have not completed an internship before.

    Can an IMG be a part of this 2022 intern campaign?

    Yes. Please refer to the applicant groups for eligibility requirements. Please refer to the application guide on the intern recruitment campaign website for key dates and supporting documentation requirements.

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    Northern Queensland Hospitals

    Are Queensland Health contracts for one or two years?

    It differs between hospitals. Townsville University Hospital offers two-year contracts. Cairns Hospital and Mackay Hospital offer one-year contracts.

    What are the average prices of accommodations in rural parts of Queensland?

    Costs of accommodation in rural parts of Queensland are significantly lower than in the major cities. Rental prices vary from $200/week to $600/week depending on location/size/how many people sharing, etc. Similarly, the cost to purchase a house is significantly lower, ranging anywhere from $300K – $800K for good-sized houses on average-sized blocks of land close to the hospital.

    Will the hospitals provide guidance/support in allocation?

    All hospitals in northern Queensland (Townsville, Mackay and Cairns) offer allocation assistance to applicants in Groups A to C. This includes interstate domestic students and international students who have graduated from Australian universities

    What's the average salary of a Queensland intern?

    Please visit the wage rates page at the Queensland Health website

    How can you prepare for the interview?

    Make sure that you have researched the hospital and the town. Be able to articulate why you are interested in working for that hospital and what you will be able to offer as an intern. Make a note of any research, teaching or any other activities you've been involved in. Also, note if you have completed any of your medical school placements in a rural location. Just be honest and be yourself!

    Do the 700+ listed intern positions include the private hospital positions?

    No, they don't. The Government funds the private hospital positions. Mater Private Hospital Townsville has 15 intern positions. The application process for these positions opens later in the year.

    Mater interns work across both the Mater and the Townsville University Hospital and complete the same placement/rotation preferencing form that the Townsville interns complete. You will be well supported by both the Mater education team and the Townsville education team.

    What are the retention rates of interns if they wish to remain in the same hospital?

    Very high. As long as you successfully pass your intern year, you should then be offered a contract again for the following year. Townsville offers a two-year contract for Intern and PGY2.

    Do you have a research relationship with a local university/institution?

    Yes, we do. We work very closely with James Cook University, and each of the hospitals has its own research institutes/teams.

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