The Surgical Research Fund

    The Surgical Research Fund

    For research in surgery or fields relevant to surgery
    2021 Application Form

    Important information to note when completing the application form:

    1. To be eligible for funding the applicant (s) must meet the following criteria:
      i. Be doing surgical research in northern Queensland, and be associated with the College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University;
      ii. Be associated with the Department of Surgery at Cairns Hospital or any other medical facility in northern Queensland and /or
      iii. As determined by the Selection Committee.

      Eligible Applicants include:
      I. Undergraduate or postgraduate student(s) at JCU and who are enrolled at the College of Medicine & Dentistry, James Cook University;
      II. Staff of the College of Medicine & Dentistry, James Cook University; 
      III. Medical staff involved in surgical practice in Cairns and the region including private hospitals, private medical practices, private specialty medical practices and private general practices and
      IV. Other applicants as determined by the Selection Committee.
    2. The Selection Committee shall determine the value of funding of each individual research application or project to a maximum of $5000.
    3. Written reports
      I. A written progress report on the funded research (recipient/awardee) should be provided to the Committee annually (if the funding continues for over 12 months). II. Successful applicants must provide a report upon completion of the project outlining how the funds were used and the outcome of the research. III. Funding recipient (s) is expected to recognise the support given in work resulting in presentations and publications.
    4. Grant funds do not cover costs associated with accompanying persons.
    5. Applications are to be received by Friday 30 April 2021 at 5pm.

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